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Designed for easy carry and concealment, the Personal Security Products® ZAP Stick™ accompanies you wherever you go. This powerful non-lethal weapon delivers a high-voltage 800KV shock, causing loss of muscle control and disorientation that bring attackers to their knees and makes them incapable of further aggression. The ZAP Stick features a soft rubber-coated molded grip and lanyard that secure the weapon firmly in your hand during confrontations. Safe to carry, the ZAP Stick's safety switch must be pushed forward to activate, illuminating a small, red LED indicator light. The Personal Security ZAP Stick also doubles as a flashlight with 2 LED bulbs and comes with a convenient nylon holster.

  • High voltage 800KV shock

  • Safety switch activates taser

  • Doubles as flashlight

  • Rubber-coated molded grip

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